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Healing Grace Ministries, Egypt

In 2006 in an effort to fulfill God’s mandate to help the poor, orphans, widows, Healing Grace ministry was established to provide for the holistic needs of children in the Cairo area. In 2009 that ministry expanded into the very poor villages of Upper Egypt. There, Village Transformation was born, to care not just for the child, but for the family. As families in these villages are supported, communities begin to change.

Most Christians in Egyptian villages are poor and illiterate, never owning or able to read a Bible. Village pastors are poor and under-equipped to reach the local population because of lack of training and resources. Village life is difficult, very few jobs, little to no income, harsh living conditions, poor education or no education for many girls, health hazards and malnutrition with a need for better medical care. Many of the people in the villages of Upper Egypt are considered Christian by birth, but only 20% of those are in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Healing Grace connects churches and individuals with children in Egypt who are in desperate need of hope and provision to assist with breaking the chains of poverty. Healing Grace ensures there is a long-term commitment to each child and an opportunity for that child to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ, along with improved education and healthcare.