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Michezo Afrika Foundation, Kenya

The primary work of Michezo Afrika is centered in Kenya with a base in both Nairobi and Bungoma.

In 2009 Walter’s Family gave up 5 acres of their family land In Bungoma, Kenya to set up a Sports Leadership Training School for leaders from the East African Countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan Burundi, Rwanda and Somalia.

The epitome of the many trainings at our training center is the month-long training in sports ministry for over 24 leaders each year during the month of September. So far over 160 leaders have been trained over the past 4 years.
At Mashariki Sports Leadership School, we believe in Equipping and building individuals, Churches, Ministries and community based organizations to holistically and effectively reach out to their target communities through the medium of sports. This is achieved through mentorship, experiential Leadership training development, as well as personal coaching. The end product is the positioning of the leaders and organizations as transformational agents within their communities. For years now under Michezo Afrika Foundation we have been able to collect and distribute large amounts of both used and new Sports equipment to various community teams across the country. This has enabled us to penetrate areas where we could traditionally not get access, to share and fellowship with coaches. As a result, a number of coaches have been trained in whole-life coaching in various parts of the country.

Walter and his team run a full-time online publication on Kenya sports that gives us an opportunity to have a weekly devotion within our website.