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Pioneers, Peru

The Wiest family are in Peru with a mission to mobilize and partner with others to reach the 200+ unreached tribes of the Amazon jungle in the east of the country. Their strategy is to train and equip mature leaders to effectively partner with existing missionaries and form new teams to reach the unreached. In this way tribal Churches are empowered to send out tribal missionaries to the unreached tribes around them.

The Wiests strategically network with churches in both the US and Peru in order to provide a platform for ministry in tribal locations. They mobilize and partner with tribal churches and leaders using local resources. Their heart is to train trainers – that every leader who is trained may be able to go on and train others in community transformation.

Sports ministry plays a big part in connecting with the people of the Amazon. KidsGames is utilized to open doors and communicate Christ’s love to tribal people. The Wiests also partner with CYCAS (Children, Youth, Community and Sport) to train and equip local churches and leaders in strategies to disciple children and youth.