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Refuge for Women

Our Refuge for Women mission is to empower sexually exploited women to live a life of freedom through faith-based, residential healing programs.  This includes a holistic and personal commitment to her successful recovery, and transition to healthy independence. 

  • Provide a safe place for residents to experience healing with few distractions
  • Focus on healing from trauma, sobriety and rebuilding trust
  • 3-phase structured programming that leads to healthy, independent living
  • An additional transitional housing option is available for graduates
  • National organization with locations in 7 cities across the U.S.
  • Each residential home can host up to 6 women in a nurturing “family environment”
  • No cost to residents – funded by private individuals, community groups, and foundation grants

Refuge for Women is a non-profit organization providing specialized long-term care for women who have escaped sex trafficking or the American sex trade. Now in 7 cities across the US, Refuge for Women offers up to 12 months of safe housing and transitional care and support at no cost to the survivor resident. During her stay at Refuge SoCal, she progresses through evidence-based, trauma-informed programming at our confidential home in north county San Diego.  The compassionate 24/7 staff empowers residents through the 3-phases of program elements to regain safety and stability, reclaim her personal identity, heal from trauma, strive for her personal goals, overcome addictions, and develop new life skills leading to healthy, balanced living and financial independence. Refuge for Women empowers each survivor to complete the program with a vision for her future, equipped to sustain a new life marked with dignity and hope.