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Resurrection Church Beirut - RCB, Lebanon

At the Resurrection Church Beirut (RCB), we exist to make disciples for Jesus Christ. We are a Bible-based and Spirit-led Church that loves God and people. We believe that the entire Bible is inspired by God, that the Holy Spirit illuminates the mind of the faithful reader, that the Bible—especially the New Testament—is the final reference in faith and practice, and that the statement of faith is inspired by the Bible.

As a Bible-based community, RCB exists to make disciples by connecting people to God. We seek to be obedient to Christ’s command to make disciples through congregational worship, life groups, and monitoring holy families.

Our Inherit Core Values: 1. Love the Church 2. Value people 3. Participate as a volunteer servant 4. Have a spirit of joy Our Other Core Values: 1. The Word and the Spirit 2. A Culture of Evangelism 3. Teamwork 4. Effective Communication 5. Generosity 6. Local and Global Partnerships 7. Integrity 8. Unity without Uniformity 9. Submission to one another in Christ 10. Accountability 11. Positivity 12. Covenant 13. An Incarnational and Missional Church Community