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San Diego Refugee Care

Refugee Care is a multi-church network serving the San Diego area's refugee population through holistic engagement. We partner with churches and trusted organizations to practically love those who have been legally vetted over many years and welcomed to the U.S..  Refugee Care volunteers help refugees transition from a life-in-crisis to a fulfilling life in the U.S.

Volunteer Locally:

- Join a team to develop friendships with refugee families and walk alongside them as they learn to navigate life in a new and very different country.  

- Help refugees transition by taking them to the market, the DMV, medical appointments, helping with job applications and interviews, finding and enrolling in training programs or ESL classes, etc to help them understand how things work here. 

- Help provide, find and /or deliver practical items, that aren’t in their budget yet, like new or good condition couches, beds, bedding, clothing, baby items, etc. and help with the management of donations (transporting, sorting, storage.)

- Share talents with webpages, newsletters, photography/videography, advertising, fundraising, record-keeping.

- Give financially to Local Refugee Families toward basic needs such as medical, educational, job training, rental assistance, food support and transportation.