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Trapiche Church Community Development, Brazil

Jonson Tadeu is known as “Pastor Jonson”. Once a well-known Brazilian soccer player, Jonson returned to his hometown to pastor a church. He serves the community of Trapiche which is in the neighborhood of Maceio, Brazil. The Trapiche Baptist church has a congregation of over 350, mostly poor to lower working class. The church has weekend services, and sports and after-school programs. Additionally, they host meals and hospitality events.

Pastor Jonson is one of two leaders for the International Sports Coalition in the country of Brazil. These two leaders are heading up the effort to mobilize over 500 churches until 2022 during the Soccer World Cup period in Qatar to host events and outreaches events that will reach thousands and set the framework for cooperation among the churches for years to come. They are facing many challenges in this resumption after the COVID-19 pandemic and are greatly appreciative of our prayer support.

We are praying that the Baptist Church of Trapiche will become a gateway for NCCC, enabling us to serve the people of Brazil through Kids Games, medical trips, compassion teams, and teaching English as a second language.