make a difference locally and abroad...give hope!
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Our Partners

These people are the life blood of our mission to be "Transformed People, Transforming our World". They are the face of God in over 20 countries and right here in San Diego!

How It Works

Give A Life-Changing Gift to Someone in Need Locally or Around the World

The Global Partner Market (GPM) allows you to buy gifts of food, shelter, clothing, education and much more for the Local and Global Mission Partners of North Coast Calvary Chapel. Instead of buying Uncle Charlie that yearly Christmas tie or Mom the high caloric box of candy for Mother’s Day you could purchase a Gift of Hope now and throughout the year. Purchase such gifts in honor of your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues or children’s teachers and you will be given a choice from a variety of Honor Cards to fit the occasion that explains the gift you gave in their honor. This is how the Market works:

  1. First, review the Products online where you will find gifts that enhance the lives of people around the world. As you browse, you might read about chicken farms in Mozambique or a new library in Thailand and think about a family member who loves animals or enjoys reading. Your family member’s gift for Christmas this year could be 10 baby chicks for a family in Mozambique or new books to furnish a Thai library!!! How cool is that?
  1. Once you have chosen a gift simply click “Add to Cart”.
  1. You will then be asked to select the GIVE CARD of your choice. “What’s an GIVE CARD?” you ask. It is a card that becomes your gift for that special someone on your Christmas list or for any occasion throughout the year.
  1. Once you have completed your shopping click “Check Out” and proceed as directed.

 ...and thank you for making a difference!